What is the Water Damage Restoration Process

Flooded house Our Water Damage Process in the San Diego Area

Surveying the extent of damage that water has caused to your house and property is always extremely disheartening. It at the same time can cause severe health risks due to the fact that there may be accumulation of mildew and molds that may be a result of the damage caused by the water. Our water damage restoration team in San Diego are tasked with the duty of repairing any damage that may have been caused by the water as well as making sure that they have removed any harmful sprouts such as mildew and molds so as to leave the house safe for usage.

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It is very important for the home owner to take action as soon as they notice the damage as you wait for our team of professionals to get there. Our promise to you is a quick and rapid response so the water extraction process can be started immediately. This is very important because you will be saving money and cutting down on your stress level as you start restoring. What may be included in this process could be first trying to dry up the water before the professionals get to inspect the area and give you a quote on the work that they would do.

Inspection and Assessment of the Damages

When our professional team arrives at your home, they will access the damage first and give you a quote. This is a critical step to achieve a successful plan of action for the restoration of your home.

Water Extraction

the best way to We will then make use of our high tech equipment to completely dry out your house. This will be essential to prevent accumulation of any harmful substances or from mold to start growing. After this has been completed, we will start making repairs on the damaged home. We will make sure that some tasks are done to help in preventing any future flooding.

Drying your Home Out

The first task that they would do to ensure no future damage includes freeing the home from humidity and any temperature quirks. When they do their work, a skilled and experienced person will be able to restore an item that seemed to be beyond redemption. We will pull out the remaining water and moisture with our dehumidifiers and air movers.

Sanitizing and Cleaning

Your personal items as well as clothing, furniture, clothing and other items can be cleaned with our special technique. We will remove all odors and sanitize using our equipment.


Getting your home back to the condition before the flood. Depending on the damage it could be minor like replacing the drywall to structural damage.

When looking for a water damage and restoration company, make sure you get one that has been in the industry for a long time, has their certification, and has a good reputation in their line of work as this will guarantee you that you will get quality work.