When water damages your home in San Diego…

What should you do when water damages your home in San Diego?

Water damage then mold

Have you been hit by a disastrous flood? You must be super confused wondering about what the next episode will be like. Where it is the first time, you have nothing much to base your decision-making on. You are not, however, thinking of moving away from your home and getting a brand new home elsewhere. That will cost a fortune which I highly doubt you have now. The applicable option is to clean up the mess and repair damaged items. But where do you start and how do you carry on? First, you need to have some knowledge about water to help you make the right decisions.

Hire an expert
Repair and cleaning up processes will start immediately. The family must do the necessary to make a home again. However, there are some things that must be left in the hands of the experts. Structural and health threats are among the vital roles to be analyzed. You don’t have to add up a disaster on top of the already happening one either now or in the future. Where structural damages have been experienced in the house, the house may collapse, and we all know what that means. Living in a house infested by molds also poses health threats to the family and the neighbors in a matter of days. In some cases, the experts will condemn a family from going back to their old homes if extreme threats are detected. Only a professional can do that.

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Don’t mess up with the power
Floods come without notice. Homeowners will vacate their homes and leave everything as it was to save their only souls. Power cables may be damages or exposed by the time you come back. With water everywhere in the house, you might risk being electrocuted to death just by a step into the flood. To be safe, switch off the power supply first.

What is damaged; what is intact?
Floods will destroy a lot of property but not all. Where the flood was immense, you can only expect more damages. Mild floods, however, come with lesser effects. As long as it is a flood, though, you need to know what is damaged and what is not. This will give you a clear picture of what you need to do to clean up the mess faster. Items to be discarded needs to be noted down and those listed for repairs and cleanings identified. If you can’t do the whole task on your own, professionals are at your disposal.

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Flood insurance
Insurance companies are there to compensate for insured risks. If you had the home covered for floods as many Americans do, you need to seek compensation. You will get a replacement of all discarded items and costs for restoration will be an obligation by the insurance company. Just make sure you have the clear records with you.

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