Signs that you might need a Mold Removal And Remediation Company in San Diego

Mould removal from a houseMold is not a new problem in San Diego. Mold growth in homes or business premises can cause health complications to homeowners and damage to properties. Mold is a fungus with minute spores that easily float in the air and attach themselves to various objects where they start growing into colonies. With professional mold removal and remediation service like our company, we can safely get rid of your mold.

Mold Effect On Property

Mold spores can badly damage various items in your property which include fabrics, furniture, documents, paint, drywall, wooden surfaces and other porous materials exposed to dampness.

Health complications resulting from toxic mold exposure

If you have mold presence in your home or business premises, your family or workers can get exposed to toxic mold spores. The tiny spores are toxic when inhaled and can cause several health complications. Signs of mold exposure in humans include:

Allergic reactions
Eye irritation
Skin irritation
Frequent flu and cold attacks
Asthma attacks
Breathing difficulties

Sore throat
Sinus infections
Nasal congestion
Runny nose
Nose bleeding
Bleeding lungs
Ear inflammation
Swollen joints
Memory loss

The health of people with weak immune systems like infants, the elderly, children, pregnant women, allergic people, people with respiratory problems and patients with compromised immune systems is much at risk when exposed to mold spores.

If you have signs of mold colonies in your home or property, it is advisable to call in the services of a professional mold removal and remediation company. Attempting to remove the mold yourself only spreads the tiny spores and can contaminate your whole indoor environment. If you are looking for a mold removal expert, we would be more than happy to serve you.

Our company has certified technicians in mold removal and remediation. We have years of experience in mold remediation in and around San Diego so that you can trust our services. We also offer competitive prices for our mold removal services. Our emergency response team is very time conscious. Once called, they try to arrive in your premises within 45 minutes.  Rapid Restore Pros has been in the business of mold removal and remediation for many years and has enough experience to tackle mold in various parts of homes or business properties. We also offer mold inspection services. If you suspect any mold presence on your property, call us for a professional inspection.

Quick Measure To Stop Mold Spread

Mold spreads fast. We normally advise property owners to stop the contamination once they notice early signs as they wait for professional help. This can be achieved by ensuring that the airborne mold spores don’t spread in air. This means that you should not disturb the mold. You can try to move assets and personal items that are vulnerable to exposure. By doing that, you will stop further damage to your property before professional help sets in.

Our Mold Inspection Services

Once you call our company for help in dealing with mould removal, we will arrive at your home or business premises and do a thorough inspection. Our technicians will carry out a laboratory experiment to figure out the kind and degree of mold you have in your property. We will then perform estimation and make you understand the amount of mold you have in your property.

Our Mold Removal And Cleanup Procedure

Water Extraction

Moisture is a major cause of mold growth. After stopping any leakages, we will remove all the unwanted water until the area is dry. CleanedMold spread all over the walls up areas will also be dried. This will ensure that mold spores have no place of survival. Water removal is also done on your assets which include furniture, carpets and other wet or damp items. If left with the moisture, mold will grow back.

After removing all of the water from your property, we will use our advanced tools and equipment to measure the amount your indoor humidity. We will keep regulating moisture levels until everything is dry.

Dust Containment

Dust easily floats in the air and offers ideal transport to mold spores. To prevent the spread of the spores, we seal off the contaminated area from safer areas of your property and clean each room separately. To ensure that air in the room flows outside, we will place a fan near an open door or window to create negative air pressure that will lead air in the room to flow outside.

Mold Cleanup

If your property has mold colonies, then the source of the moisture or water has to be dealt with first. When we arrive at your property, we will identify the source of the water and stop it from further leakage into your property before we begin the cleaning process. Mold is very messy. We may use water to moisten contaminated areas before we begin the cleaning process. For the mold that has existed in an area for long, the contaminated zones will usually be dry. We use highly specialized equipment to extract as much mold as we can. Surrounding areas will also be cleaned too to remove any microscopic spores that might have spread to those zones.

After cleaning all contaminated areas, we will then sterilize all the contaminated areas including your belongings. We will also disinfect the affected area and items that can be salvaged. Porous items infected with mold cannot be salvaged and are therefore safely disposed to avoid the spread of mold. Though drying follows the cleanup process.

Safe Disposal of Mold

We put your safety first. After our mold removal and remediation experts finish up their job, all the mold colonies and mold-infested materials will be safely collected and disposed of in a plastic bag or container. We will then ship away these materials for safe disposal away from your property or neighborhood because mold is airborne. Mold disposal concludes our remediation process. We, however, like to come back after some time to see if there are any signs of mold growing back. Avoiding the spread of moisture in your property is one of the best ways we would advise you to observe and prevent mold growth.