The Benefits of hiring a great Fire Damage Restoration Company in San Diego

damage from a fire that started in a houseDisasters can occur even without giving you any warning. If it’s a fire emergency, it may cause damage to a scale that is hard to imagine. When a fire destroys someone’s property, people are affected and they are left with fire damage. For faster recovery and restoration after damages, hiring a certified fire and smoke restoration company that has excellent reputation is the most important thing to do.

Fire may unexpectedly occur almost anywhere in your home due to a variety of reasons. While many possible reasons could be responsible for making a fire in your home to break out, knowing, the different fire types can be crucial before getting any restoration service. They are all explained as follows:

  1. The first type can occur as a result of items made of flammable solid materials including wood, plastics, rubber, cloth, or paper catching fire.
  2. The second type can occur if flammable liquids or liquefiable solids catch fire. Some good examples here include gasoline, plastic, wax, and paint.
  3. The third type may occur where flammable gasses such as hydrogen, propane, butane or other forms of natural gas are ignited.
  4. The fourth type of fire occurs where combustible metals including potassium, sodium, and magnesium may be present.
  5. The fifth type of fire may have caused similar to the first and second categories, but the major difference would be that electrical elements are involved.
  6. The sixth type could break out in your home can be as a result of cooking oils and fats. The nature of this fire breakout is comparable to that of the second category but can be even more severe. When the fats or cooking oils catch fire, they are hotter and can, therefore, cause damage that is more severe.

When a fire breaks out, it leads to fire damage that can be broadly categorized in two main ways. The first category is that of damages which are as a result of fire itself burning property, while the second category of damage occurs as a result of the smoke involved. So it is important to clearly differentiate between fire damage and smoke damage. For better understanding, we are going to discuss smoke damage in some detail below.

The flames of fire in any fire breakout that may occur in any home are usually responsible for destroying and Smoke damage from a firedestructing property as a primary factor. Smoke is, however, the secondary element and is also accountable for its kind of damages. The smoke is emitted as a result of various types of materials being burnt, and its damages can also be extensive. There are certain materials which get destroyed by the smoke itself. The most common damage due to smoke occurs with some types of items getting discolored and emitting bad odors after getting penetrated by the smoke. Caustic residue buildup is also left behind. Below we are going to look at the various types of smoke that are formed. As a result, certain materials are burning.

  • Wet smoke occurs when a fire burns slowly and at a low temperature. The reason they are referred to as wet smokes is that they usually leave a thick film of sticky residual matter building up on various surfaces. These smokes are also associated with the emission of odors that are very strong. Their residue is therefore not easy to clean, and neither is getting rid the bad odors they cause after penetrating items.
  • Dry smoke and its emission occur due to burning materials at temperatures that are very high. Extensive damages usually occur even before this smoke type is seen, but surprisingly its residue is easily cleaned from the various surfaces it comes into contact with. However, dry smoke has a powdery substance that can easily find its way into cracks or even some porous materials you may have at home. If any of that happens, then it still leaves behind bad odors lingering in the environment. Cleaning that on your own is not by any means an easy job. Your best option would remain to hire an expert known to provide effective fire & smoke damage restoration services.
  • Protein smoke occurs if food or any organic materials burn in fire. There is certain soot that is light in color which is left behind by this smoke, making it difficult to see it with your eyes although you may be able to feel it. The smoke still emits a very bad odor that may even be able to cause permanent discoloration on wooden materials and items. Cleaning, in this case, can also be extremely difficult to accomplish not unless a professional service is engaged to get the done using the right equipment and tools.
  • Petroleum smoke is very dark in appearance, so it severely stains and discolors most of the materials it comes into contact with. Getting rid of such damage isn’t an easy work too, so experts should be hired to clean using processes that required advanced skills and equipment. Any attempts to do it yourself may easily result in spreading the stains further and making the work even much harder.

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