Things to consider when searching for the right water damage restoration company in San Diego

san diego floodingWater damage is the number one disaster suffered annually in the United States. If you live in San Diego, it’s advisable to hire the services of a certified expert in water damage to deal with problems resulting from flooding. Our water damage restoration experts use a detailed plan to manage the disaster and return your home or office back to normal.

When your building is exposed to water for long, it may suffer structural damage. Your household belongings and business assets can also get damaged by long exposure to moisture. Our water damage restoration team has the right skills and advanced equipment to deal with all sorts of water damage to prevent further damage to your property. We offer quick response service whenever called in to deal with water damage.

Our 20+ years of experience has sharpened our skills in flood restoration for homes and businesses. We can manage all sorts of water damage caused by toilets backup, sewage backup, appliance leakages and even floods. Call our emergency response team for assessment and management of damages caused by unwanted water. Our expert services include extracting, drying out and sanitizing your indoor environment and your personal items.

Our Home/Office Water Damage Restoration Process

Water damage can be very stressful. An effort to remove the water is overwhelming and very labor intensive. That is why you need professional help to bring you back to normal.

Here are the phases of our restoration process in dealing with water damage in homes and offices:

Phase 1: Contact Us

Our customer response service is open 24/7. Your distress call will be promptly received by a representative from the professional and friendly customer service team. The customer who will receive your call will ask you relevant questions that will help us understand your emergency state better.

Phase 2: Damage Inspection and Assessment

  • Structural Inspection
    Once our experts arrive at your home or business premises, they begin with inspecting the damage on your structure and belongings. We begin the restoration process at this stage and carry out a comprehensive inspection to develop a good plan that will fully restore your home or business building to its original state.
  • Safety Assessment
    Our restoration team highly regards safety. They will carry out a survey to understand the scope of damage and the danger posed to you and your family or workers in your business premises. Our experts will carefully discuss the safety concerns with you.We always recommend that you inform us of any lead issues with your property that may be a hazard like the presence of asbestos.
  • Water Inspection
    We find the source of the water and contain it to prevent further water damage. This begins the drying process.If the water is coming from pipes or appliances, we will stop the leak. Water from toilet or sewage backup is highly contaminated.If you have stagnant water on your property, our experts do a test to determine if it’s contaminated. Water is categorized depending on its color to determine the restoration process that will be used.

Categorization is as follows:

Clean Water -Category 1
Grey Water- Category 2
Black Water – Category 3

water damage categories

  • Evacuation of Belongings
    A wet environment is damaging and easily attracts mold. We prevent this by moving furniture and other items in the affected building to safer zones without damaging them.

Phase 3: Water Extraction

To extract the water, we use powerful pumps mounted on trucks that can remove large quantities of water on your property.

Phase 4: Drying and De-humidification

Drywall and wooden floors are porous; this means that large amounts of water will still be retained in them after extracting visible water. If left wet, the structural material will warp, swell, break down and even attract mold growth.

Since porous materials cannot be salvaged, we will pull out drywall and damaged wooden floor to prevent mold growth after extracting the water and replace it in the restoration process.

Phase 5: Cleaning and Sanitizing

Odor removal and deodorization is necessary if you have flooding in your building. We clean-up your furniture, upholstery, clothing and personal items that have been damaged by the water. Our cleaning includes:

  • Wet Cleaning
  • Immersion Cleaning
  • Foam Cleaning
  • Abrasive Cleaning
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Spray and Wipe

Odor Removal and Deodorization

We remove odors left behind after water extraction with our industrial air scrubbers and fogging equipment. This equipment is powerful enough and effective to eradicate extreme and persistent odors that can’t be removed with ordinary air fresheners and typical treatments.

Sanitizing Treatments

Our sanitizing treatments include disinfectants, antibacterial and antimicrobial options to clean your property and personal belongings.


Materials that can’t be salvaged will be safely disposed of by our restoration team with your help and the guidance of your insurance adjuster.

Phase 6: Restoration

Our restoration process aims at returning your home to its original state. We repair structural damages and replace badly destroyed parts with new ones which include floors, ceilings, and drywall.

Phase 7: Safety Measures

Floods form a good environment for bacteria to thrive. Mold, mildew, and other microorganisms to multiply in wet and damp environments. We not only remove visible water and debris but work to remove as many airborne particles as we can to make your house or office habitable again.

Intruding water from floods can permanently compromise the integrity of your structure. We will ensure that your house or business building is strong and that it does not pose any risks to the inhabitants.

We also take precautionary measures to prevent such disasters in future and provide you with useful information that will help you stay safe after the water damage restoration.

customer satisfaction1Our water damage restoration services are highly professional and we value our customers. You will benefit from hiring us because our services are:

Reliable – We are dedicated to finishing every task to your satisfaction. Our emergency response team arrives at the disaster site as fast as they can and are friendly and very respectful. This attribute has propelled our reputation and we have received a 5-star rating for our commitment to improving lives when water damage disasters strike.

Certified – Our water damage restoration team is properly certified and uses advanced technology and techniques in the dynamic industry.

Offer satisfaction guarantee – We shine in the industry because of our exceptional customer support. We are sensitive to our customers needs no matter how small or big they are. With our state-of-the-art equipment and high training, we guarantee maximum satisfaction.


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